Holistic Health Business Certification

Starting a business or expanding your business is hard. Even more so when it is a holistic health business. Statistics show more than 70% of businesses fail within their first five years in existence. The numbers are even higher for Holistic Health Businesses even though this sector has a vast opportunity for growth and services that people really need. This paves the way for this interactive 8-week online course. The most successful business has the important elements of vision, planning, and a firm business plan. Learn that and other modern and applicable business skills such as Budgeting, Overcoming market saturation, Maximizing your affiliations, Taxes, High growth market resources etc.

At the end of the course, one participant will receive from ALOP a $500 grant to help with the start of their business, or continuation. All other participants will receive an in-kind grant to help them along with their business endeavors such as business cards, brochures, etc.


HOLISTIC HEALTH BUSINESS 101 interactive workshop you will learn:

Week 1

Legal Set Up, the

pros and cons of incorporating as a profit, non-profit, or LLC, 

Vital organization skills.  


Week 2

finances including banking, funding, multiple streams of income, grants, bookkeeping, budgeting, and taxes.


Week 3

Learn tips for location with the best presentation and services in your market.

Receive forms for all your clients’ needs and your protection. 

Learn to plan events and holistic health educations classes for your community. 

Get ahead through consistent marketing on the WWW, through print, and electronic media.

Learn how to continuously grow your business by continuing your education and worldwide affiliations.


HOLISTIC HEALTH BUSINESS 102 is designed for current holistic health business owners who are ready to move their current operations to the next

Week 4

Levels of expansion,

Saving and Investing Money In Your Business,

Week 5

Enhanced Business Management,

Building a Progressive Business Team,

A Successful Partnership or Group,

Opening the business to investors,


Week 6

High Growth Market Resources,

Capital Resources,

Moving On Your Investments,

Multiplying Your Multiple Streams!

Week 7

Nationwide marketing,

Overcoming Market Saturation,

Maximizing On Your Affiliations,

Week 8

Impeccable Customer Service,

Taking A Much Needed Vacation

Course Schedule

March 5, 2022
July 9, 2022