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A Word From Our Founder

A Life Of Peace is celebrating 15 years in 2021 and our success as a community organization is not possible without the love, trust, resources, commitment and consistency of the global community that we serve. With a heart full of gratitude I say thank you to every student, teacher, supporter, board member, and diligent workers who have crossed our path in this last decade and a half.

Not only has it been a pleasure to serve and grow with you, as many of you have heard me say, you are the reason I wake up every morning as my life's purpose has been filled and fulfilled by all that I am able to do in our mission to TEACH A HEALER FOR EVERY HOME.

As we move through this year we are engaging in dialogs with our Board of Directors and affiliate organizations to bring you more resources and programs that will enhance your living a life of peace and gaining viable skills to change your lives and your community.

I am sending light and love to everything that touches your life and I will that you remain consistent on the path to your highest self.

       -Dr. Akua Gray

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